Stitcha is saying goodbye

After a full decade, Stitchtagram is closing down.

We launched in 2011, with a sewing machine and a dream that the photos we were posting to Instgram didn't need to fade into the feed, to be forgotten. THEY COULD LIVE FOREVER, UPON THROW PILLOWS. Rachel even made a music video, and we were featured on a bunch of day time TV shows.

The internet was a different place then. Facebook hadn't yet bought Instagram, the (iPhone only) photos were resolution, and we sold great on Fab. Now you can get photos printed on anything, instantly, anywhere. Rachel and I (the brother and sister who ran this operation) have decided to officially close the site up and stop accepting orders.

We really made a ton of pillows (and purses and clutches and scarves and ottomans and dog beds and horse beds, etc) and it was great. Thanks for all the sales and the support getting the word out in the early days!

Rachel and Doug.

PS Here are some old customer photos. Check out those old school Instagram filters!

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