Questions and Answers

What photographs can I use to make a pillow or a purse?

LITERALLY ANY. Well, any that you have the rights to! You can either upload directly from Instagram, or upload photos directly from your computer.

Tips: If you are using an image with text, make sure it isn’t too tiny, or else you won’t be able to read it on the fabric! Big, bold text works best. And don’t use any photos that are especially light or faded. We go through each pillow to color correct when needed, but there’s only so much improving we can do.

Where are you products made?

Our purses are made by hand in a sewing studio in Washington, DC, as are some pillows. The majority of the pillows are made in North Carolina, in a family owned manufacturing center, where the pillow inserts are made, the fabric is woven and printed, and the pillows are sewn. If it were a restaurant it would be farm to table. Think of it as thread to sofa.

Shipping Times. AKA, "can i get my pillow for tomorrow?"

We cannot get you your pillows by tomorrow. We need at least 7 - 10 business days days to produce your item, and shipping time varies by the chosen shipping method. For domestic orders, you can choose either Fedex Ground, or Fedex 2-day. Please keep in mind that those shipping times happen after the items is made, it doesn’t mean it will take 2 days to get the pillow from the day you order.

If you’d like to pop your order up in line and have us keep a special eye on it to make sure it moves through the process as quickly as possible, feel free to choose the rush option.

International Shipping Info

All products are shipped via Fedex Ground International, which generally takes a week and comes with a tracking number.

I got my order but decided I don't like the photos I chose, can I get a refund or switch it for another?

Unfortunately, no. Since each product is custom made, we do not offer refunds. Please be sure of your photo selection before placing your order! We are also not responsible for photos that don't translate well to fabric- anything very bright and white might just look bright and white on the product (i.e very very very light blue sky with very very bright white clouds= white). Similarly, anything very dark on a dark background might not come out as clearly as you want either. We would love to offer design advice should you have questions about a specific photo.

Do you have a press kit or other high resolution photos?

Yes! Get in touch and we'll send it over.

Shipping Info:

ALL domestic orders:
1 pillow = $12.00 (2nd day $30)
2 pillows = $15.50 (2nd day $30)
1-2 pillows + purses/mini pillows = $12.00 3-4 pillows= $16
3-4 pillows + purses/mini pillows = $16
mini pillows = $12
mini pillows + purses = $12

International orders:
All items cost the same and are shipping via Fedex.

CANADA/Puerto Rico:
1 item = $20
2 items = $30

UK, France, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland
1 item = $35
2 items = $45
3 items = $80
4 items = $90

All other countries:
1 items = $50
2 items = $60
3 items = $110
4 items = $120